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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] attention this week for the first-quarter report released Nike analysts and investors, as China's economic slowdown led to decline in consumer demand, the Chinese market is causing serious concerns . Analysts investment bank Canaccord Genuity Lyon (Camilo Lyon) said that, given the prevalence of the entire market product inventory backlog and excessive discounts problems, we Nike's business in China more cautious. Lyon has just ended a week-long China trip. He said there was no doubt that Nike is in a strong leading position in China, however, this advantage is also affected by a variety of macro and competitive pressures promotional environment. the previous fiscal year, Nike's sales in China totaled $ 2.5 billion, in its $ 24.1 billion of total sales accounted for more than 10%. Lyon is estimated that China contributed 30% of ope cheap jordans online rating profit of this sports equipment giant. June this year, Nike's stock price appears the biggest decline since December 2008, after Nike's fourth-quarter profit unexpectedly fell, China demand slowdown. China orders in the fourth quarter increased by 2 percent, compared with third-quarter increase of 20%. Lyons said the problem is that with the deterioration of demand in China, domestic brands and Nike promotional tools such international brands are resorting to discounts in order to get rid of a lot of inventory. This analyst at Shanghai store by sampling found behind Nike and Adidas China's third-largest sports brand Li Ning store all the goods are in play Qizhe for sale, he said, the lower the price of Chinese shoes ANTA fight tickets sold commodities, clothing places Sizhe sold. Lyon pointed out that under the price Qizhe half of the amount sold to seven in Chin Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping a Nike sports apparel, Nike is also working to change the type of clothing, the transition from recreational sports to feature line style. Lyon commented that no brand is immune to the impact of discounts this level, even if it is Nike; practical point of view, we believe that Nike also need three to four quarters to make inventory control. Lyon pointed out that Li Ning will close 8,000 of 3,000 points of sale, which is the total stock market situation has cast a shadow. Get together with the sales of these brands is not a good thing: He said, for example, five of the Li Ning store is next to a Nike-owned stores and distributors in a four Nike stores. He said that although Nike enjoy the advantages of high-end brand status, but will definitely get together promotional activities impact on consumers' purchasing decisions. Lyons added that Nike in the United States can Cheap air jordan 12 ovo solve the problem of excess inventory through the factory outlet stores, but Nike in China has yet to establish a similar network. Nevertheless, he pointed out that the Nike brand is being established guerrilla store, or set up temporary outlets to help clean up excess inventory. UBS (UBS) analyst Binetti (Mike Binetti) said, Nike is likely to increase profit margins at the expense of local retailers to discount in order to increase China's orders. He said, we believe that Nike is to create a positive future for the struggle. Binetti has just come back from China. He said that Nike is now taking action carefully. Still, Binetti said US demand growth continued to accelerate enough to offset the adverse impact of China, but also the surplus. accepted FactSet survey of analysts said it expects earnings call Thursday, Nike's profits from income decreased $ 1.36 to $ 1.12 pe cheap jordans for sale r share. Analysts expected, due to demand driven by the United States, sales rose to $ 6.08 billion from $ 6.43 billion. In addition to China, Wall Street is still concerned about the demand in Europe, Europe is also an important overseas markets Nike. Analysts Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse) Bath (Christian Buss) said that the strong performance of the North American market may be European market downturn and the challenges of the Chinese market, offset, these two factors are limiting the upside potential of Nike. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] badminton is the world's fastest ball games, the play in a rapidly changing every second, speed is the key to determine success or failure, and the pace of speed is key in the key. adidas Badminton developed for this Q cheap jordan shoes for men uickforec7 professional badminton shoes, through the strengthening of stability, enhance the buffer / rebound as well as the scientific division of the sole functional areas in various ways, while the indicators greatly enhance the speed of foot movement has also been given full protection. Quick stems from stable Pace Badminton agile and accurate, feet and shoes fit is very important. POWER BAND Quicforce7 use force bandages with HEEL STABILIZER heel and ANTI-SLIP LININ feet tightly covered and secured to prevent sliding in forward and backward movement. Badminton pace exercise, due to inertia often makes sliding feet forward, resulting in the toes and toe impact, which deeply understands the pain of golfers, over time will form a "blue toes." POWERBAND automobile seat belt use similar principles to the feet firmly fixed to prevent sliding forward in order to avoid the Retro jordans for sale above situation. HEEL STABILIZER is embedded in the heel of the unique material, the effective protection of the heel and provide stable support in the ground when. Shoes also uses anti-slip lining as a special non-slip material lining, it can be more smooth in preventing the slide up and down while wearing heels. Fast from science and technology Quickforce7 another mystery "teleport" is that designers chose adidas had two unique basketball, jogging and other sports fields and received great acclaim classic shock-absorbing / rebound material --ADIPRENE / ADIPRENE +. They badminton shoes again, "partner", fully meet the needs of the foot buffer and start at the badminton sport. ADIPRENE a rearranged after pyrolysis patent EVA material molecules can effectively absorb impact. In contrast, ADIPRENE + this high temperature rubber foam technology will break down again aft Cheap air jordans for sale er the second rubber elastic mold made even more outstanding, while absorbing impact force, it can quickly be converted to stretch the release, and rapid response pressure and deformed shape itself, can give users the most stable and most timely feedback site. Quickforce7 according to the characteristics of badminton pace, be more shocks in the landing configuration ADIPRENE shock-absorbing material heel position while still forefoot large area ADIPRENE +, to help the wearer can lift your feet start speed and intensity. The combination of these two materials into a damping / rebound systems, effective protection in the game player's feet and moving quickly to provide sufficient power. Quick derived structure Quickforce7 Use the Motion guiding system, using different combinations of materials technology and shading in the appropriate location according to the character cheap foamposites istics of badminton pace to meet the actual needs of the confrontation of various footwork. In terms of shoe outsole, heel area using Round heel construction, so that athletes can easily complete the fast-moving direction of the foot part of the innovative Top Grip rubber rubber material with an excellent grip, provides excellent high-speed movement slip properties, and the outer sole is configured Lateral grip zones bring sufficient lateral stability. continues the adidas simple Quickforce7 on the appearance and atmosphere of a traditional, three-stripe design shows its "famous door", there are four kinds of colors to meet the individual needs of different movement, including a bright pink Women exclusive color. At the same time beautiful, Quickforce7 also focus on the functional design, the overall lightweight and breathable upper material, making the movement more comfor cheap jordans for sale mens table pace as. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the inside of the most easy to wear shoes, Quickforce7 clever use of the adidas exclusive ADITUFF / ADIWEAR two high wear-resistant materials, increase the service life of the shoes. DNA Quickforce7 adidas blend of advanced technology and sophisticated materials for the characteristics of the development of badminton exclusive technology, this combination for this badminton shoes into the boundless vitality. Quickforce7 will become a classic adidas Badminton shoes series. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) Nike LeBron 11 is undoubtedly one of the most concerned about the new season shoes boots in the new color online and exposed so many people look forward to this pair of shoes. Black / silver shoes with gamma Retro jordans for sale blue Armorposite embellishment, the number of 616175-401, plans to launch in October this year. ObyO; what is it? ObyO full name Originals by Originals, is the most high-end Adidas limit series, aimed at real creative design and creative design partners to show Adidas features of the top sports fashion. The ObyO series currently has several very name designers. the second is Kazuki, the absolute Kuraishi Yi Shu is one of the hottest Asian Designers, the Japanese fashion brand him as a distinguished designer, a low-key and full of wit known in Japan, and after his independent designers debut immediately became the Asia's most popular figure. the last one is the recent rise of the David Beckham and James Bond series, the series with Beckham the one and only fashion ideas and American style to attract customers, is a combination of._ only by a designer joined ObyO series; C6 b JS SNOW G61104 ADT &n〉; ;;;;;;; ";"; ";"; ";"Nike Basketball brought eighth new generation LeBron James personal signature models in Ambassador boots extension, this section also uses the present footwear design, while the use of zipper, and laces on both sides of the bracket to improve stability and fit, and the combination of gold in Phylon before and after Zoom Air bottom collocation also let this can continue to export excellence in the performance of the cushioning, finally with wear resistance XDR both grip outsole. item: 818678-416 02.jpg (134.95 KB, download number: 1) download Nike LeBron Ambassador 8 red and blue color 2015-12-26 upload 16:15 03.jpg (160.09 KB, download number: 1) download Nike LeBron Ambassador 8 red and blue color 2015-12-26 upload 16:15 04.jpg (152.62 KB, download number: 2) download Nike LeBron Ambassador 8 red and blue color 2015-12-26 upload 16:15 05.jpg (173.6 KB, download number: 1) download Nike LeBron Ambassador 8 red and blue color 2015-12-26 upload 16:15 08.jpg (246.31 KB, download number: 1) download Nike LeBron Ambassador 8 red and blue color 2015-12-26 16:15 upload 09.jpg (202.12 KB, download number: 2) download Nike LeBron Ambassador 8 red and blue color 2015-12-26 upload 16:15 01.jpg (129.12 KB, download number: 1) download 0In order to let the athletes play in the summer of unscrupulous Nike launched LeBron 12 Low, and at the same time in order to meet the shoe fans play tide required for money to bring a new Remix color version. This version of the black Hyperfuse collocation silver Hyperfuse constitute a vamp, selected at the same time, Swoosh and Flywire palm red decoration, finally with green lining and. Although the integration of many elements of color, but every detail is arranged in good order, is the summer hot weather good. item: 724557-003 release date: July 2ndPrice: nike-lebron-12-low-remix-volt-hot-lava-2.jpg (106.64 KB, download number: 9) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Remix 2015-6-18 09:29 upload nike-lebron-12-low-remix-volt-hot-lava-3.jpg (124.53 KB, download number: 9) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Remix 2015-6-18 09:29 upload nike-lebron-12-low-remix-volt-hot-lava-4.jpg (90.2 KB, download number: 11) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Remix 2015-6-18 09:29 upload nike-lebron-12-low-remix-volt-hot-lava-1.jpg (95.72 KB, download number: 12) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Remix 2015-6-18 09:29 upload nike-lebron-12-low-remix-volt-hot-lava.jpg (91.24 KB, download number: 10) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Re0

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